• Queueing Kiosks

    Our Tickets Kiosks are made just for queuing. Paper tickets are the most universal and inclusive way for customers to join a queue.

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Why Moviik ticket dispensers?

Robust & Reliable 

Decades of know-how assuring quality

Ready for Public Spaces

Prepared for intense, daily, public use indoors

Plug & Play

Open the box, connect the cables and it's ready

Tiik 7''

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Tiik 15''

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​Tiik 15''

It has a 15’’ PCAP touch screen and its large display allows checking-in for an unlimited number of services.

Large display Kiosk 

​Take advantage of a 15'' display that works perfectly in bright ​environments. More than enough storage to display all your services and ​even have clients fill out forms at check-in or checkout.

For all types of stores

Thin and elegant, easy to place near the store entrance, allowing anyone to take a ticket to enroll in the queue.
​Adapts well as installed in banks, restaurants, and hospitals, amongst many others.
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Ready for intense use

Ready to work 24/7 printing one ticket per second. 
Designed and built to be capable of handling demanding environments with dozens of services, all day long.

Robust & Modern


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Tiik 15'' Advantages

Large display Kiosk
Easy maintenance
Ready for intense use 
Low operation and maintenance costs
Large display to show more content
Allows easy check-in
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Tiik 7''

With a 7" PCAP touch screen, it's portable, flexible, and fits perfectly on a counter top or a wall.
Compact, robust & complete.


It’s adjustable to a table, a wall, or any other relatively smaller space. Tiik 7'' delivers a great check-in experience. 

Fully Delivers

Portability equals flexibility. It delivers the same power as its big brother.
Improve your efficiency and be agile with Tiik 7''. 

Cost Effective

All the quality, and all the requirements with all the best components in a robust and elegant metal casing. This innovation guarantees your better management of queues.
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Tiik 7'' Advantages

Fits everywhere
Cost effective
Fully delivers
Low operation and maintenance costs
Anti-corrosion metal
Allows easy check-in
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Reliable Printing

Our printers deliver perfection; each ticket is designed for superb printing quality, fast print-out, no paper jam, and minimum assistance.

Clients look for Tickets

Choose Tiik 15'' or Tiik 7''. Set it up in just 15 minutes. We assure you that a queue kiosk with an integrated printer improves the speed of service delivery.

Place them in key spots

Ticket kiosks will help to do the screening of visitors and organize queues. Place ticket dispensers in key spots at your location to accelerate the service flow. Make sure everyone gets it. 

Setting up kiosks has several advantages

Improves consumer experience
Decrease waiting times
Grow your customer loyalty scheme
Optimize the customer flow
Lower operational and maintenance costs
Ability to collect important market data
Customers enroll in the queue on their own
Delivers a great check-in experience
Easing the strain on staff
Want to use your own hardware?

Our software is compatible with different hardware manufacturers and is ready for CUPS, a modular printing system, that allows reliable and quick integration. Let's look at your next project!

Want to use a tablet? 

If you use Digital Tickets you can use a tablet in a completely virtual system. Customers can also check-in using their smartphone and get alerts about their turn with live notifications. ​Interested?

Industry Solutions

we improve customer service on all major verticals

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​Enhance and optimize customer service by combining and integrating multiple solutions.
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