Customer Journey Management Platform

Moviik uses its customer journey and queue management platform to assure the automation of processes while considering the human nature of the whole journey.

  • Queue management

  • Business analytics

  • Highly customizable

  • Cloud-based

  • Dynamic API

Build your Customer Journey

Manage your customer journey and queue management from a web-portal.

  • Manage all branches

  • Assign agents to branches and specific services

  • Define unlimited user roles

  • Assign services to each branch and set up local settings (KPI, schedules, priority tickets)

  • Set up counters and counter terminals

  • Alerts and messages for functional and system events

  • Email and SMS integration

Customer journey diagram

Business Intelligence

The collection, processing, and presentation of data and metrics that are crucial for your customer journey map and to maximize your business efficiency is one of our main focus.


Make real-time decisions based on instant and daily information. Our dashboard presents the efficiency rate.


Long-term reports to support managers analyse their business based on real data, and useful information.

Visitors Influx

To know the times and days with more and less visitors in your service is one of the most important metrics for managers.

Waiting & Serving Times

To know the performance of the service is crucial to evaluate where you need to improve, on the service or organization.

Agent KPIs

Your staff is the face of your service, keep track of their KPIs, help them improve and help them reach their goals.

Ticket Analysis

To get to know the history of you visitors is a very important data for any maganer. Analyse your ticket and tickets’ list.


Easy Installation

Computer Diagram with Moviik software

01 Create

Create a Branch in the backoffice and set it up with your queue custom settings. Use the profiles and assets available or create specific resources for the new branch.

Moviik player and ticket dispenser diagram

02 Install

Connect the devices to the network (kiosks, screens, among others) and connect them to Moviik Server only inserting the Device Keys.

Calling ticket and serving with movvik software diagram

03 Ready

Open the Counter Terminal in the agent workstation. Select the counter where you are serving and you are ready to serve your visitors with a world class system