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    End the perception of long waits in queues. Inform visitors in real time about the store's capacity and let them enjoy quality service first-hand.

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How to get started

Know the sensor you have

Is it a Xovis or a Footfall Counter? 

Configure the sensors

Activate your sensors in Backoffice

Start using it

Provide visitors with the best counting system 

Crowd Control & Queue Management Integration

When your space has reached its full capacity, the screens outside will change automatically, showing a Red Light, instructing visitors to wait.

When your store capacity is below full occupancy, the screens outside will automatically change to the Green Light, indicating that your visitors are free to enter.

It can also activate the Queue Management screen when maximum occupancy is reached. This way, your visitors can take their tickets, wait safely, and be notified when it’s their turn.

Manage in-store traffic

Activate Crowd Control Lights and automate the activation and deactivation of the Queueing System, making your visitors wait outside only when necessary.

Crowd Control

Define your physical capacity and integrate it with Moviik's agile platform. You will have substantial control over the number of people inside. 
Let's discuss your project

Adaptable to common usage types

Manually assisted

Perform People Counting manually and manage the store occupancy according to entries and exits.


Configure the sensors and system to automatically determine when it’s appropriate for your visitors to take a ticket and enter.

Drag & drop layout

Choose the ideal design and perfect layout for your Signage Player.
Your brand is boosted and your customers benefit too.

Configure Widgets

Add relevant widgets, making it easier for visitors to recognize and identify your brand.

Flows for screens

Create flows according to your service requirements.
Account for visitors in different spaces on separate screens.


Less stress outside and in the store
Reduce congestion and traffic
Organize queues in an automated way
Give customers a clear view of times and spaces
Eliminate need for staff to control entrance
Make queues more agile 
Modernize your brand 
Serve customers well
Don't worry

Industry Solutions

we improve customer service on all major verticals
Doctor's  office
Dental care

Works with the best Digital Signage platforms 

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