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    Assist visitors in making appointments, checking in, and during attendance time. 

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How to get started

Personalize your services

Choose how to serve customers. You can use the help of staff members to deliver complete customer journeys.

Register data about visitors 

Your staff will register the customers data in your system with the help of the Concierge app. 

Get closer to customers

This is a more personal and intimate way to make your customers feel welcomed with the help of your staff.

Manage Scheduling

Inform the staff about visitors and also keep the visitors informed about the store occupancy and the queue status. 
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Call next

Inform staff about visitors and keep them informed about who's the next in line. This is a personalized way of serving customers. 

Register visitors for their next service

You can set relevant priorities for loyal customers helping them skip the queue. Assign visitors to the next available agent. Add visitors to the queue by name or phone number. 

Why use Concierge app?

Personal check-in process

Staff enroll visitors in the queue. Customers and visitors will feel welcomed even if they didn’t book an appointment previously for their visit. 

Calling the next customer

Customers are free from waiting in lines. Text them when their turn arrives. Display their names in a Player or send a WhatsApp or SMS message.

Clients fall in love with the brand

At the end of customer journeys, staff can ask for feedback to gather information about their experience.

Let's discuss your project

It's mobile 

Perfect for places where there are staff members available to help visitors at a mobile station. Concierge app is designed to make the life of both staff and customers easier.


Avoid physical queues 
Less time waiting 
Your sales go up
Staff will manage time and space better
Attract new customers to enter your store
Fast service
Suitable for most stores
Easy to use
Brings more customer satisfaction

Industry Solutions

Moviik platform will improve your customer service, making it ready for all verticals.
Amusement park 
Bar & nightclub
Spa & wellness 

Complete your customer journey with...

Digital Ticket
WhatsApp Ticket
SMS Ticket

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