Moviik Contact-Free QM System

Is Covid-19 affecting your business and how people securely queue before entering your store?

Store Entry With Covid protections and Moviik Contact-Free

We have the solution for this problem.

Fast, Simple and Contact Free

Moviik Contact-Free system was designed to manage the queues outside your store, virtually and without contact.

It doesn’t matter if your customers arrive on foot or by car. If they have a Smartphone or not. Everyone will be able to take their virtual ticket and wait for their turn safely in their space and even in their car, during this Covid-19 crisis.

Onboarding Options

This system is accessible to everyone. Most of your customers will use their smartphones but we have SMS and Name alternatives to issue the tickets.

Ticket in Smartphone throuh QR Code

Via QR Code

Virtual Ticket Web App

Most visitors use it via Smartphone with the ticket being issued by reading a QR code or short link.

Step by Step to Virtual Ticket in covid-19 Times

Via Doorman

Terminal Web App

For the visitors without a smartphone, or internet connection the ticket is issued via SMS or name, with the support of the Doorman.

Step by Step to SMS and Name Ticket in covid-19 Times
Display showing the next tickets entering the store

Keep Customers Updated

Information Screen

The tickets are called upon a screen visible outside the store.

Priority tickets will also be displayed with a special emphasis so the distinction is made and no one misses their turn.

With Moviik Contact-Free system, everyone will have the possibility to wait in a peaceful line, guaranteeing their health and their turn, at this time of so much anxiety.

Compatible With:

Manage your Customer Journey


Moviik’s Backoffice is also a web app so you can manage the entire Organization, wherever you are.

Moviik's Platform Backoffice
Business Intelligence Modules for Virtual Ticket

Analyse Data in Real-Time

Business Intelligence

It is also possible to analyze the data of your business in real-time in our dashboard and in long-term in our analytics module. From customers’ affluence over time to the waiting times, know and act on what happens on your business, even in times of crisis.

Setup Everything by Yourself

On the Fly Setup

All you need is a display with a web browser and a device for the doorman.
This system is installed very simply and quickly by yourself. We just need to send you a weblink so you run this on your displays and all is up and running in 5 minutes. No need to install software or contract any external team! You can do it! Fast and simple!

Easy Installation Steps for Moviik Contact-Free
Easy installation with no external team intervention

What do I need?

  • Internet Connection
  • Smart TV with a web browser or
    Regular display + any PC with Web Browser (Android, Windows, Linux, AppleTV, Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS)
  • A device with Web Browser for Doorman App. It can be a Tablet, a Smartphone or even a PC.

Promote Your Brand

Highly Customizable Player

Powerful editor to power your creativity and promote your brand

Diagram Information Screen Customization Features

Visitor & Doorman Apps
Also Customizable

Customize Doorman and Customer APP

Moviik Contact Free is the Solution.

In this Covid-19 crisis, ensure that all customers have access to the stores allowing the greatest hygienic distance without losing their position in the queue.

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