How exactly can Moviik help you build your customer journey?

Moviik’s customer journey starts with queue management.

Welcome your visitors with ticket dispenser diagram

Welcome your Visitors

Have the service they are coming for, registered upfront.

Accelerate service flow by setting up ticket kiosks at key spots at your location.

Display Queue information on TV Diagram

Update your Visitors

You won’t need any PC or Apple TV to configure Moviik’s player, just a compatible smart TV.

Organized queues reduce anxiety and walkaways.

Let visitors shop more products instead of standing in a queue.

Service with Moviik software diagram

Premium Service

Have a targeted service and specialized agent to solve the problem of the visitor.

Create your set of priority services.

Transfer the visitor between services, counters or agents.

Maintain your staff focused on the business tasks and their KPIs.

How can you do it?

How can you, who run the Organization, build your customer journey?

Manager controlling user profiles diagram

You have to start by asking yourself and decide:

  • How many service counters will you need at each moment?
  • Which services does your organization provide/deliver?
  • How many people you need serving and how you want them to do it?
  • What will be your shifts and schedules?
  • What kind of lines and journey will you need at your Organization?
  • Do you give priority to pregnant women or seniors?

Then, you just have to set up the system following your service design. Moviik platform will adapt to it.

Moviik backoffice diagram

Backoffice – The Customer Service Brain

To start you must create the first, or the only, Branch.Yes, with Moviik, you can manage one or multiple Branches, and each one with different or the same characteristics. As soon as you have your first Branch, you can start bringing your Customer Journey to life.

Define the services and the specifics of each one such as:

  • The KPI, colour, ID, schedules;
  • The users, their roles and the services they work at;
  • The counters, which kind of services you provide and the priorities.

This is the brain of your customer service.

You can create a specific Journey for each one of your customer segments to follow, and Moviik will support you to do it.

Conecting Devices to cloud diagram

Central Management

It does not matter if you have one agency or a large network of agencies, we have a simple solution for you.

Moviik is, at its core, a Central Management Solution that allows you to replicate all the settings and parameters throughout your network of agencies, automatically and instantly if you wish to do so. If your agencies have different needs and characteristics you can also customize their set-up.

Since our solution has the option to operate in the Cloud you can count with regular updates and improvements.

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