Customer Journey Specialized Team

We are a customer journey specialized team with the right experience in technology and business needed to create a cross-cut solution for those of us who hate queues, who only do business based on data and who love to have problem-free experiences.

We have been working in Queue Management and Customer Service for more than a decade, in software and hardware development and even in retail and services. Now we have gathered our skills to provide you the most flexible, adaptable and powerful solution that can meet the needs of an ever-changing environment. As a customer journey specialized team, our purpose is to create tools to support businesses to enter a Service Improvement Cycle.

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In a Customer-Centric Era like ours, we believe Customer Experience is the New Marketing. It is about how your customers feel when they visit you and what they say about you when they leave your space. No matter the service you are running, our technology can support you to organize, modernize and personalize the customer service. With our Business Intelligence capabilities, you will know every detail of the customer journey and blueprint, and be able to improve it, by entering Moviik’s Service Improvement Cycle.

Edigma Group

Together we create amazing and unforgettable customer experiences for the Digital Generation.

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is an award-winning company specializing in the development of custom, content-driven interactive experiences, and digital signage projects. Combining design, creativity, and technology, they create experiences that are both entertaining and meaningful, helping clients envision the future and engage with their audience.

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is a research and development-driven manufacturer focused on projected capacitive multitouch film technology for Large Format Displays—typically from 20 to 105 inches diagonal. DISPLAX was the first player in the world to create this technology. Develops and manufactures all touch module components: touch sensor, touch controllers and algorithms.

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is a customer journey specialized team, focused in bringing innovation to the customer experience area through hardware and software development. We started our journey by working in queue management and business analytics, because these 2 areas combined give the managers powerfull tools to start improving the customer service.

Our Commitment

We envision to be Leading the Digital Out-Of-Home Experiences’ Market. We have amazing projects in the area like the World’s Largest Touch Video Wall in Hong Kong and we are looking forward to bring our technology to your service.

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