Customer Journey in any Market

In a Customer-Centric Era like ours, it is about how your customers feel when they visit you and what they say about you when they leave your space. No matter the service you are running, our technology can support you to organize, modernize and personalize the customer journey. With our Business Intelligence capabilities, you will really know every detail of your customer service, and be able to improve it.


By helping hospitals, clinics and pharmacies to better understand and act on the user journey map, we can boost efficiency among doctors and staff and reduce stress among patients while waiting. With our queue management system in your hospital and strong API, you are able to create a customized customer flow adapted to your facility.


With our queue management system for retail, customers are free to move around the store, shop other products and don’t feel the pressure to think twice about their purchase. Our business analytics also give valuable insights to improve and customize Customer Experience. You can use Moviik to manage one store or a big network of stores, all from one single web-portal.

Public Sector

Organize, improve and modernize public services so citizens can get more done by spending less time in queues. This will improve their confidence and satisfaction rates towards the public institutions.


In a sector with so many visitors received daily, it is of vital importance not only to organize and modernize the stores but also to understand the customer journey and its blueprint to improve the customer service. With Moviik, you can easily manage and customize your customer journey in your national network of stores.


An efficient and professional customer experience in constant improvement based on queue management and business intelligence. When the customers and staff are satisfied, the loyalty and profit will increase. Our flexible architecture, allows you to have the system runing on-premises so your security is assured.