Advanced Business Intelligence

Moviik’s advanced Business Intelligence features allow you to analyse your organization and service, bringing your customer service to the next level. Even though improvement is always dependent on management action, this feature is the one that can have greatest impact on your organization.

Our advanced Business Intelligence features can be used in a real-time and daily approach, with our Dashboard, or in an in-depth analysis, with our Analytics feature.




Efficiency Rate


To improve the decision-making process, our dashboard presents daily and real-time metrics about your users, tickets, visitors, relevant times and devices so you can have an overview of the overall performance of your business and system, no matter where you are.

To meet our promise to provide you the most advanced business intelligence, our dashboard presents you the innovative metric of efficiency rate of the organization (related to the defined KPI).

Computer with Moviik Dashboard
Managers analysing statistics

Most relevant daily and real-time metrics presented in the dashboard:

  • Tickets Issued & Canceled

  • Tickets in Attendance

  • Visitors Influx

  • Tickets Waiting

  • Average Time in Store

  • Average Waiting Time

Tablet displaying queing analytics


To go beyond the instant information, Moviik provides an advanced Analytics Module, included in the platform.  It collects millions of data points and compiles them into easy-to-read charts and reports. You can now look data segmented by any number of attributes including:

  • Branches
  • Services
  • Staff
  • Customer details
  • Customer questions.

This offers a flexible, customizable way to segment and analyse your data against the attributes that matter most to your business.

Business Intelligence is one of the strengths of our solution. It supports managers understand the customer journey and maximize its efficiency.

You can analyse, compare and extract reports the following long-time metrics:

  • Visitors influx

  • Serving times

  • Agents KPIs

  • Waiting times

  • Ticket analysis

  • Ticket list

managers discussing queueing analytics

Based on insights, customer service planning and adaptation in real-time, Moviik will support you to have improvements that will be reflected in a greater efficiency.

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